District Action

The  Masks4allinAfrica campaign wants to build local action, in all districts across the country.

We want you to join us and strengthen us locally:

  • Advocate that all safely use a fabric face mask in public, to reduce transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory infectious diseases, and as a sign of social solidarity
  • Advocate for universal use of cloth masks in public as a key strategy to reduce the need for lockdowns, with its crippling health, social and economic effects.
  • Advocate that the sick, poor and vulnerable have access to fabric face masks.
  • Empower low-income individuals and non-profit community groups to sew safe fabric masks, for donation and/or subsistence income.
  • Educate the community to wear safe fabric masks correctly, together with other appropriate measures, to reduce COVID-19 transmission.
  • Advocate for safe standards of fabric masks manufacture and socially responsible pricing.
  • Advocate that businesses and authorities ensure that fabric masks are worn in all closed spaces
  • Encourage members of the community to donate their medical and surgical masks to healthcare workers.
  • Collaborate with organisations and groups who share our aim

Join district groups in South Africa or country groups in Africa