Global #Masks4all


The Czech Republic has a relatively low growth rate of COVID-19, whereas in other parts of Europe the pandemic is largely out of control. How has this happened? One of the key reasons is a massive country-wide community initiative to create and wear home-made masks. Masks have been compulsory since March 18th. In just 10 days the country went from no mask usage to nearly 100% usage, with nearly all the masks made at home with easily accessible materials, like old t-shirts. See more about the Czech experience. It has inspired us all. See the inspirational video below.

In South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, there has been no lock-down. Yet COVID-19 is being controlled in these countries. How has this happened? One of the key reasons is that mask-wearing in public is ubiquitous and socially expected.  

The global #Masks4all community has compiled scientific research papers showing the effectiveness of cloth face masks at combating COVID-19 transmission. See the global evidence and some of our collections of evidence. See the argument below.