Sewing Support

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Take your spare pieces of cotton at home (with high thread count such as linen, T-shirts, etc) and make a quickie mask. See this very simple design by the CDC and on Carte Blanche.

Our mission is to ensure that EVERYONE receives and uses a face mask. See the RSA_Recommended Guidelines for MasksWestern Cape Guidelines and Memo to NDOH on face masks 5 April as guidance for standards of masks. There are so many designs and ways to make them. Some designs can be sewn by hand. Others can be machine sewn. Here are some great resources on making masks: useful materials and nice designs. Make a fashion statement. There is no need to fuss about making it perfect!! It’s more about reducing the chances of you spreading the virus rather than protecting you from the virus.

There are several groups that can assist you to make good masks. Join them:

If you already have a group then join a WhatsApp Group in your district to network with others: sewing groups, doctors, fabric houses to make this happen.


First, ensure that you and your family and those in your immediate circle have access to face masks. Then keep going and build up stock!  Many clinics do not have masks for people showing symptoms. Reach out to them and offer your masks. Join your local #Masks4all WhatsApp group to get your masks to the right people. We are trying to get the right people in it. See all the DISTRICT #Masks4all Groups and join the one for your area.