About us

AfroCP Fund NPC is a non-profit company that was set up to expand the work of Chiawelo Community Practice into Africa and thus titled African Community Practice (AfroCP). The actual work of expanding the work of African Community Practice has morphed into AfroPHC- a Forum for Primary Health Care in Africa.

The team that has emerged around the #Masks4AllinAfrica campaign is using this NPC, with a new set of directors to be elected from within the ranks of those who have embraced the #Masks4All campaign in Africa. 

  • Our purpose is to support the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa
  • Our values are honesty, commitment, transparency and solidarity with all in Africa
  • Our motto is “I protect you and you protect me”
  • Our members are called “Masketeers”

The full team involved are:

  • Dr. Salim Choonara (Chairman)
  • TBC (Secretary)
  • Dr. Fathima Minty-Seedat (Treasurer)
  • Dr. Yasmin Goga
  • Dr. Warren Parker
  • Dr. Zainab Goondiwala
  • Ms. Wendy Hendrickse
  • Ms. Sohini Gowan
  • Ms. Monika van Zyl
  • Mr. Ryan Soldin
  • Prof. Shabir Moosa
  • Dr. Riyas Fadal