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My dear friend and concerned citizen

We are a non-profit group. Our aim is to support the response to COVID-19 in Africa.  We value honesty, commitment, transparency, and solidarity with all in Africa. Our current campaign is Masks4All in Africa with very detailed objectives. See more about us.

We have achieved a remarkable change in position by some African governments that everyone must wear a mask. This must happen across Africa. NOW we need to rescue our overall health, social and economic wellbeing whilst trying to reduce the rate of spread of COVID-19 by physical distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks properly, especially in the closed spaces of businesses, religious facilities, schools, and taxis. We have to continue to advocate and educate the population as our future lies in each citizen’s hands. We must, as leaders in the community, realise that not only our health but the overall social and financial well-being of ourselves, and our countries, lie in each and every citizen becoming health literate and having universal access to health care, starting with strong primary health care.

Our key message right now is:

We need to reduce lockdown by keeping distance, washing hands and wearing cloth face masks properly, especially in closed spaces

YOU can make a difference in our response to COVID-19 in Africa!  Support us with donations

Deposit your donation with the AfroCP Fund NPC (2013/012562/08) in FNB, Rosebank Branch, A/c No. 62848932192.  Add your initials and surname as a reference in the payment and email the proof of payment to

or you can donate to us when you buy a mask